Why Outsourcing is becoming the New Normal

Great marketing is key to the success of any business; especially during these times where the landscape is everchanging and business needs are fluctuating. Now is the time to remain agile, scaling your marketing up or down as needed – marketing without the commitment of a marketing employee.

A well-planned marketing strategy can get you noticed, help you attract and retain customers, and sustain brand reputation and online presence. The marketplace is noisy and crowded, and getting a clear message through to potential customers requires expert manipulation of the growing range of marketing avenues.

Outsourcing your marketing means working with marketers who are experts in their field; someone who knows how to get the results you’re looking for. This is the opportunity to build a team that helps your business get to the next level.

Here are the top 3 reasons why outsourcing your marketing could work for you:

1. Saves costs and time

Hiring and retraining staff is cost and time prohibitive, not to mention the significant annual outlay of a Marketing Manager’s salary. When outsourcing marketing you have access to Senior Marketing Professionals who are ready to hit the ground running with every minute accountable towards deliverables ensuring you only pay for what is needed – all efforts are highly targeted. Outsourced marketing means no red tape, no delays and no on-going overheads.

2. A committed marketing team without the commitment

Rather than employing one mid-weight generalist marketer, outsourcing your marketing provides you with access to a dedicated Senior Marketing Communications Manager and an entire marketing and communications team at your disposal including a range of specialists (PR, copywriting, content, social media, digital marketing and creative – whatever you need, right up to Senior Marketing Director level).

Access an entire team of experienced marketing and communications experts, services and solutions, as you need them, when you need them.

3. On-demand Marketing support

All businesses exist in a state of flux and circumstances can change. You may need to pull back on your marketing budget or sudden growth may require you to increase your online presence – outsourcing your marketing allows you to remain agile and to scale the marketing function up or down as needed.

As you continue to navigate during this fluid marketplace consider these key benefits of outsourced marketing: You only pay for what you need: a superior skill set for a smaller outlay and less hassle than hiring staff. No delay, no training, and no on-going overheads: just a high-level team ready to hit the ground running with your next marketing project.

To find out how outsourcing your marketing could help your business, call Blaze Marketing on 02 8005 4000 or emaill hello@blazemarketing.com.au


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