To Facebook or not to Facebook that is the question

To Facebook or not to Facebook that is the question – this is the first question businesses should be asking themselves before they start whacking up a company Facebook page. The second question should be – what are you trying to achieve with your Facebook marketing.

You need to determine if is the right target market, if its an appropriate marketing channel to use and if will position your company’s brand in line with your strategy. Whilst Facebook is an amazing tool, it is not necessarily the right fit for everyone’s business.

Some businesses appear to just be trying to get involved in Facebook because everyone else is doing it. My concern with this is that keeping social media marketing up to date is an effort and can be costly. If you don’t focus your actions and spend then it could just be a lot of effort for very little return or in some extreme cases actually have a negative impact on your brand ie make a premium product seem cheap and shoddy.

However, if used correctly Facebook can be a great lead generation, word of mouth and branding tool. Before you start your Facebook page or even if you have an existing Facebook page, sit down take the time to think about what you want to get out of your company’s Facebook page. Then develop a strategy and a marketing activity calendar to ensure your business can keep their Facebook marketing activity on track and in line with your strategy.

If it all seems a bit too hard but you think Facebook is the right marketing channel for your business then call in the specialists like Blaze Marketing, who can make sure you drive return on investment (ROI) from your Facebook marketing.


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