Non-Mobile Responsive Websites Being Penalised By Google

21 June 2016

Non-Mobile Responsive Websites Being Penalised By Google

That’s right, from April 21st 2016 Google updated its search algorithm so that mobile responsive websites rank more highly in searches on mobile devices than their non-mobile responsive competitors. With the digital landscape changing at a rate of knots, Google is ensuring we keep up with some of the changes by penalising non-mobile responsive websites.

If you’re not sure what a mobile responsive website is, it’s a website that’s been configured to be viewed on different sized screens, think Smart Phones and watches, without needing to pinch the picture to get the font to a readable size or in the right place on the screen.

So, is your website mobile responsive? Here’s a tool from Google that lets you check in just a minute.

If your website ranked ‘Not Mobile Friendly’ it’s time to make your website mobile responsive. Now! With 33% of mobile customers going directly to your website ( the cost to your business of a non-mobile responsive website could be huge.

Get started today! If you’re not in the technical space, and if keeping up with all the changes makes you want to put down your mobile device or back away from the screen now, reach out to a company that has expertise and experience in this space. Sure, it might cost you upfront, but the cost to your business if you don’t get your website mobile responsive and ranking better on mobile device searches is immeasurable.

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