Google Search Engine Changes & What Does It Mean For Your Website

23 January 2012

Google Search Engine Changes & What Does It Mean For Your Website

“SMALL businesses around the globe are scrambling to maintain their online profiles after search giant Google changed its search algorithms.” Said the SMH this week.

Meta tags and traditional SEO techniques are only the starting point for businesses trying to improve their search ranking. With new changes constantly being implemented by Google, its important to be keeping up to date with the latest changes and techniques to ensure your website is ranked well.

With a new sweep of changes being introduced by Google in the last couple of weeks here are just a few tips from our SEO guru at Blaze Marketing to help you keep your website ranking;

  • Make sure you have as many relevant quality directory listings as possible as people are getting to sites more and more from referral sites
  • Get Local. Search is becoming more and more local. Tailor your site with local pages and get in relevant local directories. Also make sure you write your local address on your web page so it gets picked up.
  • Use Google’s entire suit of products - places, images, maps, all of these are products you should take advantage of, the more listings on these the better.
  • Get a social presence - more and more social listings from Facebook, Linked In etc are becoming listed in the Google search results.

In today’s society with so many consumers looking to search engines to find suppliers its important that you have an SEO strategy and it is included as part of your company’s marketing plan and budget.

Make sure your company’s website isn’t just an online brochure. Talk to us about how we can make your company’s website an effective sales channel and brand awareness tool. 

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