Get Your Brand In Order 10 May 2013

Get Your Brand In Order

Aside, of course, from the top company and business brands, I find brand strategy and brand management in many businesses is still lacking. In the world of marketing, your brand is the very first and most vital tool in your toolbox. It impacts on every part of your business and should be the first point of call in your marketing plan. I understand that for many businesses they just don’t get around to organising their logo and business branding properly or hesitate to spend the money to have a marketing consultant put in place a proper brand strategy and brand guidelines. However in most cases it is a false economy, poor brand management can impact on your brand awareness and brand identity, marketing and advertising costs, lead generation and sales, and customer retention.

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Work to live not live to work 23 January 2012

Work to live not live to work

Work Life balance seems to be coming up a lot this week. It is always a hot topic but lately I have felt that we are slipping in our drive to achieve it.

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